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Who Can Sexually Abuse a Child?

Child sexual abuse! Almost every person believes it is an indecent act. A few persons fight to eliminate it. Some others perpetrate it. But who are these perpetrators? Who can sexually molest a child? It would have been utterly easy to identify these perverts if they were always rascally behaved or dressed. It would not […]

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Causes of Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse! Why does it happen? The questions that come to mind whenever the issue of child sexual abuse is mentioned are: Why would anyone sexually abuse a child? What is on a child’s body that can stimulate a sexual desire in an adult? Why would an adult defile a child whom he/she naturally […]

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What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Everyone agrees that sexual abuse constitutes an impediment to a victim’s spiritual, physical and psychological development.As things presently are, child sexual abuse has become a major public health issue. Only a few persons may argue the fact that it is a deviation from Nature’s guiding principles.The topicality of the subject requires that every parent and […]

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