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My name is Onyinyechi Joy Nwosu (DMentor). I am a solution provider and a natural ambassador for propagating the ideals of human development and existence. I am an acknowledged social entrepreneur, a personality developer, a parenting, and a career counsellor. Through the dissemination of accurate and necessary information, I have carved a niche for myself in providing parents with practical parenting skills that make them super model parents and turn their children into confident, responsible and successful individuals (positive parenting). I have a passion for mentoring young people through the path of self-discovery and positive development, and empowering them to become responsible members of the society.

Armed with a first class experience in teenage mistakes and developmental challenges, and an unquenchable passion for the cause of women and youths, I have grown to become an information consultant par excellence. I offer a comprehensive and individualized approach to parenting, as well as a young person’s education, personal development, and overall success. I am an advocate of women empowerment…encouraging every woman to discover, develop, and use her inherent capabilities to the fullest.  I lead a campaign against the victimization of women and girls.

 I initiated and run Vivacious Development Initiative (VIDI), an NGO that empowers women and youths through the process of self-discovery and actualization. I am also the president of the Young Leaders’ Club (YLC), Personality Career Club (PCC), and founder, Positive Parenting Club (PPC).

 Being passionate about helping others live positively, I have been dedicated to providing helpful resources (Books, Audio, Videos) aimed at helping every individual at the comfort of his/her home make the positive change he/she requires to live a fulfilling life. My bestsellers include: 360◦ Parenting for Moms: 10 Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Raising A Teenage Girl, Guide to Positive Development: A Young Person’s Handbook, “The Power of Self-Discovery” (Audio), “Guaranteed Wealth Strategy” (Audio), and “Positive Parenting” (Audio) among others.

 I am a motivational speaker, and I partner schools, Places of Worship, organizations, communities, etc at seminars.  I offer consulting services to individuals as well as groups.

My Life Objective: To contribute to common good by equipping today’s woman and youth with basic developmental and empowerment guidelines.

This site is aimed at empowering all positive-oriented persons (with particular focus on adolescents and youths) to discover and reach their full potentials; open the gate of change and positive development in them and teach them to imbibe the values that would make them responsible members of the society.

VIDI’s Mission: To raise a new generation of persons that would stand on a solid understanding of the Creator’s Will for their existence and take charge of their destinies and uplift their environment(s).

Our Strategy. We take women and youths through the self-realization process, help them identify their talent(s) and passion and encourage them to seek careers around such.

• We proffer practical solutions to challenges faced by parents and handlers of teens, and provide them with positive parenting tips that would catapult their teens into decent and responsible adults.

• One-On-One Coaching

• Seminars

• Consultancy

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Get in touch; call me on +234803 920 9199 or email our Customer Service team at support@askonyinyenwosu.com. I am here to support you!

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