Becoming Unique:The Power of Self-Discovery



“The first step on your journey to a successful and fulfilled life   is getting to know your unique identity, your values, your talents, and your passion, and then let your major choicesand decisions be guided by these knowledge”.

Self-discovery! What about it? Is there anyone that does not know whom he/she is? That no doubt, wouldn’t be funny. I know my name, my address, my ID number…just name it. I know who I am.

 That would be the thought of almost everyone that reads “BECOMING UNIQUE: THE POWER OF SELF-DISCOVERY”. It is however important to state here that this article is aimed at helping you live a unique and fulfilling life through the discovery your inner self. Neither your name nor your physical address is being referred to. We are on a search for the real you.

This search is recommended for every person who truly desires to leave his or her mark on the sands of time and to excel in his or her endeavours. Self-discovery is the surest key to discovering and developing your inherent abilities, thereby, living a unique and fulfilling life.

A practical example could be helpful at this point…

Thanks to modern technology, we now have the automated teller machine i.e. (the ATM) for fast and easy bank transactions. Now, picture yourself trying to make cash withdrawals without your personal card and a matching personal identification number. What do you think about that picture? Funny, hopeless, or stupid?

 Self-discovery is to your development, what the card and PIN are to your transactions. A sure knowledge of who you are, or who you would like to be, will motivate you to develop the characters and values that are required to reach your peak.

If you wish to fulfill the purpose for your existence, you should develop a positive personality, and to develop a positive personality, you must discover your unique self, your true identity.

 Would you like to know how to discover what you were called to do on earth? Everyone has a calling you should know. It is your duty to discover yours.


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