Who Can Sexually Abuse a Child?

Child sexual abuse! Almost every person believes it is an indecent act. A few persons fight to eliminate it. Some others perpetrate it.

But who are these perpetrators? Who can sexually molest a child?

It would have been utterly easy to identify these perverts if they were always rascally behaved or dressed. It would not have been a difficult task to recognise molesters if they were always some lonely strangers hanging around our homes, streets, schools or Places of Worship. Were molesters always monstrously ugly, parents and young people could easily identify and report them to appropriate authorities. Unfortunately for us all, these killers of innocence rarely look or behave strangely. Molesters are usually everyday persons.

Perpetrators of child sexual abuse are rarely strangers. Very often, children are molested by persons who are known to them. Over the years, studies have shown that children are mostly at risk with the adults in their own family, as well as those who are in their parents’ social circle. According to these studies, about 90% of molesters typically make use of their acquaintance with a family and the trust a child has on them to abuse a victim. This makes it quite difficult for parents who are not well informed on sexual abuse to detect the crime. The circle of molesters could be wide and disturbing. To many parents, it is always a bitter blow to discover that a child has been defiled by a trusted person.

It is regrettable however that while some children enjoy the protection of their parents and relatives, some others have their parents as terminators of their innocence. Very often, children are sexually abused by their biological parents, step-parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts or cousins.

This is unimaginable’ I am told often! Yes, but is astonishingly true. Many sex offences are committed by a parent or some other member of the victim’s family. In almost every society and culture however, sexual relationship between blood relations is considered a taboo. One is then in shock over the rampancy of parent-child sex abuse. Although families often try to conceal this hideous crime from public knowledge, incestuous abuse has remained the most frequent form of child sexual abuse.

Child molesters can be recognised by their activities of isolating and manipulating children to accept abuse as a normal act.

The following facts would help you protect your child from molesters. A typical child molester…

– Is probably well known and liked by you and your child.

– Could be a man or a woman, married or single.

– Could be an adolescent or adult.

– Can be of any race, hold any religious view, and have any sexual preference.

– Could be a parent, stepparent, relative, family friend, teacher, clergyman, babysitter or anyone who comes in contact with a child.

– Can likely be an employed and well respected member of the society.

– A molester could be anybody.

Any person could molest a child. Yet, everyone is not a molester. There are adults who have genuine interest in children. Therefore, a parent must be intuitively alert in order to understand a person’s intention towards a child. Eyes and ears should be kept open so as to recognise when a person begins to isolate a particular child.

Every adult has a responsibility to prevent sexual abuse on children. Families should be united in the struggle to outsmart paedophiles. First, a parent should get himself educated on the subject and then, train children on healthy body boundary and self-protection.

Knowledge is the key to identifying and stopping paedophiles.

Victory over child sexual abuse is achievable if the entire family is educated on the facts!


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