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A teen/youth needs the help of an experienced and unbiased guide in imbibing the right values and orientation, and developing a healthy self-concept that will assure his positive development and make him a responsible member of the society.
We support and nurture teens to develop positively through an individualized and empowering approach.

Understanding Child Sexual Abuse

  Child sexual abuse! The mere mention of this immoral act would sadden most persons. Every person, except the perpetrators of the act would wish for the eradication of the heinous crime. For many persons however, their distaste does not go beyond anger and condemnation. Every adult who I speak with is desirous of preventing […]

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Child Sexual Abuse Solution

You’ve probably heard about children under the age of consent being sexually abused, most times by persons they are acquainted with, and a few times by strangers. You may have seen news stories and read articles about the abuse of children and teenagers. Very often, parents and adults dismiss these stories thinking it does not […]

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Developing A Positive Personality

The need to develop a positive personality should be paramount in the mind of every individual who truly desires to identify, pursue, and achieve his life’s purpose. Personality development could be defined as the development of the organized pattern of attitudes and behaviours that makes a person distinctive. It is the complex of mental characteristics […]

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