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In this era of sexual rascality, where the sexual appetite of young people are being abnormally awakened, we lay foundation for safety for the girls by empowering them against all forms of abuse.

Solution to Child Sexual Abuse 2

Child Sexual Abuse…a child’s no.1 enemy, a parent’s dilemma and an obstacle to a child’s spiritual, physical, emotional and overall development. Generally, every parent wants the best for his/her child but not every parent does that which ensures a child gets the best. Out of ignorance, fear or misconception many parents and adults have failed […]

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Solutions to Child Sexual Abuse

Trustees of Vivacious Development Initiative (VIDI) on a courtesy visit to the General Manager and Management of Nigerian Television Authority, Aba as part of their Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Campaign and finding solutions to Child Sexual Abuse.  

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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

It is 118 days into the year 2015, 2 days to the end of the fourth month. If you are like me, you would have been keeping records of all the cases of Child Sexual Abuse as reported in the media since the beginning of the year. Need I say that the rate is alarming? […]

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International Day of the Girl 2014

“Empowering Adolescent Girls: Ending the Cycle of Violence”

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Empowering Your Girl against Sexual Molestation

What have you done to protect your daughter and that other girl in your neighbourhood against sexual abuse? Like a virus, this menace crept into the society unnoticed. It wreaks havoc on every victim and leaves bitter and unforgettable traces as reminders of its visit. Sadly, it is ravaging unchecked, not much is being done […]

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