What are the Causes of Child Sexual Abuse?

The questions that come to mind whenever the issue of child sexual abuse is mentioned are: Why should anyone sexually molest a child? What is on a child’s body that can stimulate a sexual desire in an adult? Why would an adult defile a child whom he/she naturally should protect and guide? Child sexual abuse! Why does it happen?

The defilement of a child is an abominable act and there exists no reason for which it can be justified. Ideally, there ought not to be a vindication for the perpetrators of this ignoble crime. However, the following have been recognised as likely causes of child sexual abuse…

Childhood experience(s) of sexual abuse. Many persons who were sexually abused as children grow up to abuse other children. Childhood sexual abuse often increases a person’s possibility to become a molester later in life, especially if the parents had failed to provide the necessary post-abuse psychological therapy for the victim.

Fortunately, every victim of child sexual abuse does not become a sex offender. With appropriate therapy, many victims grow up to live a stable and happy life.

Paedophilia. It is a sad fact that some persons have strong sexual desire for children. Persons in this category are primarily attracted to children sexually. A school of thought has it that this behaviour is natural in some persons. In defence of these abusers of innocence, one hears some supposedly ‘respectable’ persons often say things like, ‘It’s not their fault, it is in their nature.’

‘Nature’! Can something unnatural originate from nature? A sexual desire for a child is a deviation from nature’s guiding principles. It is logically incorrect therefore, to attribute such anomaly to nature. Every unnatural desire could only result from personality distortions which similarly, emanates from spiritual laxity.

Stress. Some adults, although in intimate relationships with other adults sometimes resort to sexual activities with children during periods of unusual stress. The big question is, ‘whatever happened to self-control? Why would any person molest a child under the guise of stress?’

Media Influence. Frequent exposure to child pornography and discussion groups that support child-adult sexual relationship has increased the sexual appetite for children in some persons. People are known to develop interest in what they see or hear regularly.

Power. The desire to control a partner in a relationship is one of the many reasons for sexual abuse on children. A sexual encounter with a helpless child may give a molester the satisfaction that comes with being in control. Such lust for power is seldom satisfied in an adult-to-adult sexual relationship which is generally based on mutual respect.

Why should anyone violate a child just to quench an unhealthy lust for power?

Lack of Self-Control. Self-control! Many persons have lost this major attribute of the human being. Although living in human form, the behaviour of these persons has placed them on a par with animals.

Do you think this description is unbefitting of any person? Then think of a better depiction for a parent who sexually abuses his or her own child and then, threatens the child into silence?

Stunted Spiritual Growth. The monstrous act of child sexual abuse as well as all other vices is rooted in humanity’s deviation from the natural course of development. The choice to disobey the Will of the Creator in favour of material and intellectual enrichment is primarily responsible for the existence of all forms of vice.

A strict compliance to nature’s directives will eradicate abuse.


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