Child Sexual Abuse Solution

COVER PAGEYou’ve probably heard about children under the age of consent being sexually abused, most times by persons they are acquainted with, and a few times by strangers. You may have seen news stories and read articles about the abuse of children and teenagers. Very often, parents and adults dismiss these stories thinking it does not concern them. Maybe, it does not. Maybe, your child is safe. But what about the child next door or the one on the street that has no parent to care for him or her? Should we not care for and protect every child? Your child is safe you think? I do hope the precautionary measures have been put in place. Your child’s vulnerability to abuse would be low if you have embarked on the task of equipping him or her against abuse…there is no shortcut to a child’s protection against abuse. The percentage of vulnerability is high for an unequipped child. Chances are that yours/your neighbour’s child are already (or would become) a victim of sexual abuse. Safeguarding a child through the right form of education is the duty of every adult…the right knowledge is a protective measure against child sexual abuse.

Like every other crime, child sexual abuse is perpetrated in every society, every social and economic class. It is no respecter of any particular religion. It is humanity’s common enemy. Every adult should therefore join in the fight against abuse…TEACH A CHILD THE RIGHT TO HIS/HER BODY. Talk! Talk!! Talk!!!

It’s often very difficult for most parents to talk to children about this sensitive topic. It is natural to shy away from discussing sex-related issues with your child…‘How can I warn my child about abuse, what if I say more than he or she is supposed to know presently or make the child perceive every adult that gets close to him or her as a molester’? Genuine reasons but children must be helped to protect themselves. MY PRECIOUS GIFT offers the solution.
The book is a parent’s able assistant in teaching child sexual abuse. It lifts the burden of confusion off the parent and waters the ground in a child for a heart-to-heart discussion. Everything that a parent wishes to teach a child is made easy for both parent and child with the help of MY PRECIOUS GIFT. With the book, every child (no matter how young) will learn how to protect and take care for his or her entire body and the private parts in particular.

Among other things, MY PRECIOUS GIFT will
• Teach your child about his or body and private parts…making him or her understand that the privates should be strictly private.
• Teach your child that private parts are no toys… no person should be allowed to play with them.
• Teach the child to report to you or any trusted adult whenever anyone tries to touch/play, or look at his/her private parts, shows him or her pictures of private parts, asks the child to touch another person’s private parts or tries to photograph the child’s privates
• Encourage your child to tell you if an adult wants him or her to keep secrets…it will warn your child against ‘secret touching’
• Teach your child what molesters say and do…and to say ‘NO’ to those.
My Precious Gift provides accurate, clear and age-appropriate information, it gives the child the best tools for his or her defence – and empowers him or her to tell a trusted adult if it ever happens.

Haven’t placed your order yet? What are you waiting for? Children’s day is around the corner, there cannot be a BETTER gift for your child than MY PRECIOUS GIFT. The beauty is….it’s not only a gift for your child, but for you as well because … it makes the task of talking sexual abuse with your child easy, practical and fun. ORDER YOUR COPIES NOW…

Talking to your child about sexual abuse should be taken seriously. Let’s begin with… MY PRECIOUS GIFT… NOW!


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