Developing A Positive Personality

The need to develop a positive personality should be paramount in the mind of every individual who truly desires to identify, pursue, and achieve his life’s purpose. Personality development could be defined as the development of the organized pattern of attitudes and behaviours that makes a person distinctive. It is the complex of mental characteristics which reflects in a person’s thoughts and emotional tones. Every person’s personality, including yours is shaped by an interaction of many factors among which are: Heredity, Environment, Spiritual Development, Temperament, Socialization, Childhood Training, Life Experiences, Habits, Education, Self-Discipline, Motivation, Mental Attitude, and last but not the least, health.
 A glimpse at these factors would seem like one has little or no control over the formation of one’s personality. But, that’s not really the case. On closer observation, you’ll notice that some of the factors, if well utilized, would help you understand and improve your life. Factors like: Motivation, Mental Attitude, Spiritual Development, Self-Discipline, and Habits are somehow under your control and could be used for a positive self-development. You have the ability to influence these factors and if properly utilized, will enable you to some extent, improve on your temperament; this will aid your development in no small measure.
So you see, you are not left without a choice. The freewill that you have as a human spirit puts you in charge of your destiny. In other words, ‘a truly and amazing life depends on the choices you make’. It is important to state that your ability to utilize these factors to your benefit lies solely on one very important thing: Self-Identity discovery. You must be able to discover whom you are or at least, who you want to become. It should be noted that ‘the first step on your journey to a successful and fulfilled life is getting to know your unique identity, your talents, and your passion, and then let your major choices and decisions be guided by these knowledge’.
 That is the singular, most reliable route to a positive self-development!
 Self-Identity Discovery test, (to be carried out by a professional) is one assignment that should be carried out by every individual that wishes to live a fulfilled life through positive self-development. Knowing yourself comes with taking responsibilities with an accurate assessment of your capabilities. This will enable you find meaning in your life through the development of lifestyles and processes that will prepare you for a fulfilled life. You will understand that when you get an opportunity, you should grab it graciously and turn it into an action. Be warned however that the experiences through which these opportunities may be presented to you will not always be pleasant. Therefore, you must cultivate the habit of digging deep.
Strive to develop a positive personality, therein lies your success and fulfillment!
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