Discovering the Perfect Career for Your Personality.

Each time we meet someone new, one question we often ask is ‘What do you do?’ And the answer is usually ‘I am so and so.’ We spend so many of our active years at work that our jobs actually become our identities.
Is this really the correct thing? Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling to do what we are rather than become what we do? This is the secret of job satisfaction and a fulfilling life.
 It is important for everyone, especially for you as a young person to find the right job for yourself, a job that suits you. If you spend all your active years working at a job you’d rather not be doing, you are in truth throwing away a large part of your life. This is not only frustrating, but it is also unnecessary because a career you can love in within your reach. All it requires of you my dear friend is to take some time off and do the ‘inner homework’. That way, you can easily discover the perfect career for yourself.
While career dissatisfaction is frustrating, the right job:
–         Nourishes the most important aspects of your personality.
–         Is personally fulfilling and enhances your life.
–         Suits the way you do things and reflects who you are.
The right job for you lets you use your innate strengths in a way that comes naturally to you.
When you are in the right job, you will
–         Look forward to going to work.
–         Feel energized by what you do most of the time.
–          Feel proud when describing your work to others.
–         Feel optimistic about your future.
As you strive to develop a positive personality, you should endeavour to make the right choices that would guarantee your better future. You must bear in mind that the key to career satisfaction is choosing a job that suits your personality. People are different in their needs, desires, values, and personalities, and as such, different jobs and even different aspects of jobs satisfy different types of people.
Please take note that there is no one ideal job for everyone, but there is an ideal job for you.
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