Empowering Your Girl against Sexual Molestation

What have you done to protect your daughter and that other girl in your neighbourhood against sexual abuse?

Like a virus, this menace crept into the society unnoticed. It wreaks havoc on every victim and leaves bitter and unforgettable traces as reminders of its visit. Sadly, it is ravaging unchecked, not much is being done to empower the girl against this general enemy of the femalePREMATURE SEXUAL PRACTICES folk.

The Plight of the Girl Child…

· An 18-year-old girl found dead in a hotel room with her throat slashed.

· A 14-year-old hawker raped to death.

·   Female inmates of a less privileged home molested by an operator.

· An adolescent defiled by her father.

· Step father rapes a 12-year-old.

· More commercial baby factories spring up across the country.

· 30 pregnant teenagers found in one baby factory.

·   Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS prevalent among teenagers.

· Teenage pregnancy on the increase.

· Abortion rate increases by 30% in adolescents.

· Driver defiles his employer’s 8-year old daughter.

· A teacher defiles his pupil.

· Neighbour rapes a 10-year-old girl.


· Girls are abused daily mostly by men who they are acquainted with.

· Girls who are equipped with the right knowledge are less likely to be assaulted.

· With the current media trend which arouses sexual desire in young people prematurely, it is necessary to take practical steps to safeguard your girl against every form of sexual abuse if you truly desire a better future for her.

· When you fail to equip your growing girl with the correct information, she will certainly get some from her peers; correct or incorrect.

What have you done to protect your daughter and that other girl in your neighbourhood against sexual abuse?

· Many mothers are either too busy or lack the requisite skill to communicate effectively with their girls.

· Every girl needs a mentor.


· Communication, communication, communication.-Start talking to your daughter from an early age; tailor the conversation to her level of maturity.

-Inform her about those parts of her body that should be strictly private to her, and encourage her to report to you whenever anyone touches these parts of her.

– Encourage her to report any threats by a known person or a stranger.

– Encourage her to report pressure from friends.

– Through these conversations, she will get the accurate information, understand your values, and know that she can come to you whenever she has any questions or problems.

– This requires that you, the mother, is able to identify the appropriate role and significance of a sexual relationship in human development and place it at its appropriate position.

– Become your daughter’s friend.

– Get an experienced person to mentor her on how overcome developmental challenges.

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