Guide for Parents in Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Many adults live a life of self-deceit.

What else can one call it when some persons condemn my effort to warn children against the activities of paedophiles, not to mention the shocking sexual acts of some children themselves? Need I mention that today’s child is being exposed to a lot of negative influences? The same persons who will not talk to children about the morally acceptable behaviours are also those who expose them to unhealthy and age-inappropriate scenes. I FEAR FOR TODAY’S CHILD!

Which do we talk about…adult molesters, or the increasing number of child on child molestation? Lesbianism is fast becoming a culture among adult females and the children are so much in a hurry to copy this disgusting act. How about the boys? They too are learning very fast. Only yesterday, I received a call from a school headmistress. She sounded like someone in distress, ‘Madam DMentor, are you in town? Please come to my school o, I can’t handle the situation here. I am confused o.’ At first, I told her that I was busy with some other activity. But I hurriedly left everything I was doing for the school when she informed me that some two boys needed help.

What did I meet? Two little boys, (4 and 5 years respectively) crying profusely because the teacher had threatened them with police. What’s their crime? I lost my balance when I was informed that the boys were caught in an act of homosexualism.  My oh my! What a world! WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO OUR CHILDREN? Discussion with the culprits revealed the initiator who confessed to have done it with many other children. Yet, a visit to their individual homes later in the day (because helping the children will need the cooperation of all of us…parents, school, and myself), the mother of the culprit had this to say, ‘Madam, why are you doing this to me? Why do you accuse my “innocent” boy of a crime that he didn’t and cannot commit? It’s my God that will judge you.’ Really? But I am only interested in helping the boy. Thank goodness for her husband who agreed to my suggestion of letting the boy speak. And indeed, he SPOKE. His parents were shocked. More so as the boy explained that he learnt the act at home… yes, from the big TV screen that stared at us.

CAN WE MONITOR OUR CHILDREN PLEASE? COULD YOU PLEASE TELL YOUR CHILD WHAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE? You don’t want to imagine how many other children that boy has introduced into the world of same sex relationship.

Is it not easier and better to prevent this ugly trend? For sure, it’s easier to talk the TALK  from an early age, to let your child know what he/she MUST NOT NO to others, or allow ANY PERSON do to him/her.

Please, let’s save our children. Sexual abuse destroys the personality of the child. Acquire knowledge. Read ‘GUIDE FOR PARENTS ON PREVENTING CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE’ to understand how to prevent and cope with the menace of child sexual abuse.




#FightAgainstChildSexualAbuse…Everybody’s Fight

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