Positive Parenting PT 1.

Every parent naturally wants the best for his/her child. However, not every action of a parent eventually ensures the child becomes or gets the best. Indeed, the attitude of some parents guarantees no more than a negative development of their children. Parenting is globally agreed to be a great task that comes with lots of responsibilities, dealing with teenage children is particularly tougher. In truth, it is a hard nut to crack especially, as is the case in many homes, a good foundation is not laid during the formative years.

 While many parents see every negative attitude exhibited by their adolescent child purely as the fault of the teenager, so many concerned parents are often left with the question, “Am I being a good parent?” “Have I adopted the best parenting style?” Many a parent has had sleepless nights over these, especially as things begin to get out of hand between parent and child.

 If you have done your best yet, you still find yourself in the middle of uncontrollable kids and hopeless methods of discipline.

 If you are beginning to feel that your best is not good enough.

Then bear in mind that positive attracts positive…your positive attitude will bring out the good in your child. Positive parenting is the way forward in the challenges that are associated with raising a child.

Parenting, like every other profession has its own skills. Positive parenting requires the acquisition of positive parenting skills. While the nine heavy months as well as the few but ‘long’ hours in the labour room experienced by mothers, and the hectic days of hustle and bustle of the men are highly acknowledged, those alone do not make anyone a good parent. Parenting in its real sense means guiding and directing a child positively so that he/she develops positively and becomes a well-adjusted adult in the future. This involves a continuous process of learning and hard-work. As difficult as parenting could be, it however remains the most rewarding ‘profession’ as can be testified by parents that are positively informed on the ‘profession’. If you don’t have a positive attitude to parenting, then your days on the ‘job’ will be filled with frustrations, hopelessness, and anger as against love and understanding which you ought to have for your child. Being successful in this field requires seeing yourself as a steward who someday, would give account of his/her stewardship to HIM that assigned the duty to you. Acquiring the kit for success therefore, becomes necessary.

 A positive attitude, as well as positive ways of handling children and teenagers is very important in parenting. Your conduct as a parent and role model is very significant. Note that you are one of the most influential persons in the life of your child, and you would need to ensure that your positive illustrations influence the formation of their characters and lifestyle. Staying calm and focused on your goals as a parent will be very helpful in positively dealing with your child(ren).

 Positive ways of parenting will require a substitution of some old (negative) approaches with the newly acquired (positive) ones. You may not find this easy at the beginning, but with determination and practice, you’ll be able to adjust to the change. It obviously wouldn’t be easy. But parental love will give you the strength to deal with issues in a different and more positive way.

 Relating to your child/teenager in a positive manner will help him/her emulate your positive attitude and be able to develop social skills in a more constructive way. This, no doubt will improve his/her mental and emotional state and behaviour as well.

Keep this in mind: Positive action equals positive reaction…………………..


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