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As a Parent/guardian/handler, you are often left with the question, ‘Am I being a good parent/guardian/handler to my child or ward?’ This becomes a very tough subject, especially if things begin to get out of hand with your parenting ways. You try so hard to give it your best, yet you still find yourself in the middle of raging kids and hopeless methods of discipline and you wonder what next to do. Maybe, its time you approached parenting in an entirely different way, which is –the positive parenting way.

The family is the bedrock of positive youth development. While the school, community, or Place of Worship has a role to play, the family no doubt takes the biggest responsibility in the upbringing of a child. Whether you are a parent, a handler, a guardian, or just someone that has the interest of young people at heart, these questions could help you reassess your parenting strategies…

  • ‘Are you really aware of the role that you need to play towards your child’s positive development?’
  • “Will you call yourself a success in the parenting venture?’ ‘Success’, not rated by the number of children you have, or just their educational qualifications. But by your child’s spiritual, psychological, emotional and overall development, and how well adjusted he/she is to the immediate environment.
  • Can you boldly say that you have been able to help your child build a bank of healthy and balanced self-esteem?
  • ‘Would you say that you have successfully helped the child to imbibe the right values that will guarantee him/her a worthy lifestyle in the future?”
  •  “Are you aware that of utmost importance in the proper development of a child is the need to guide him/ her to the understanding of the Creator’s Will?’

My series of encounter with parents and young people had revealed to me, the two great mistakes of parents. These very common mistakes are to a great extent, responsible for many of the mistakes (often, with devastating effects) that young people make during the developmental years.

Mistake no.1: Burning the communication cable between them and their children.

Mistake no.2: Neglecting information from other quarters with the claim that they know it all.

It is my wish for you that you’ll be humble enough to ponder over the information that I have for you on POSITIVE PARENTING, learn how to effectively communicate with your child, and turn him/her into a responsible member of the society, thereby securing your own subsequent happier situation.

Do you wish to become a super model parent?

Are you ready to do all that is positively possible to ensure your child’s best development?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then check POSITIVE PARENTING and discover EASY and GUARANTEED strategies to positioning your child for success and fulfilment. POSITIVE PARENTING

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