Guide for Parents On Preventing Child Sexual Abuse



 There Is No Worse Robber of ‘Innocence’ Than Child Sexual Abuse!


Do you truly care about your child’s well-being?


Then, Take a Bold Step Against Child Sexual Abuse Today!

  • Do you know that at least a child is being sexually exploited within your neighbourhood every minute?
  • Do you also know that many of such cases are preventable?Yes, they could be averted if parents and other adults in the vicinity of the victims put a little effort into safeguarding them.
  • You may not know that the sexual abuse and exploitation of children is one of the most vicious crimes conceivable, that it is a violation of one of your most basic duty to protect the young.

Child sexual abuse, an unfortunate deviation from Nature’s guiding principles, an inhuman act which leaves a victim physically and psychologically hurt has continued unchecked because many adults have failed to obey the call for a united force against it. Everyone complains about Child Sexual Abuse but…TAKING ACTION AGAINST IT is the part that most people don’t do!

Are You Ready to Take A Bold Step Against It Today?

Grumbling! That’s what most people do. But of what benefit is that to you? We must agree with Karel R. Amaranth’s statement that “child sexual abuse is something we all have to be concerned about. It really does take a village to raise a child, but much of what will keep our children safe must be learned in the home. And parents need to take that responsibility very seriously.”? Yes, every parent and parent-to-be must take the issue very seriously.  It will benefit you nothing to passively condemn an evil act which has far-reaching effects on its victims, and by extension, on the society.

Note These:

  • The future of your child is in great danger if the perpetrators of this heinous crime are not urgently disarmed!
  • In-activeness will put your child, you, and your entire family at risk.

Why be a master of inaction in a situation that demands action? Could you be one of the many parents/adult who are at a loss on how to tackle such a terrifying matter which they would ordinarily wish to avoid?Here are some bitter truths for you…

  • No child is safe without the requisite knowledge for self-protection.
  • A child who has not been educated on the dangers of sexual molestation is a victim in waiting.
  • One out of three female children and one out of five males experience sexual exploitation at least once, before the age of 18.
  • About 85% of sexual abuse on children takes place in their homes, schools, and places of worship.
  • Most perpetrators of the act are persons known and trusted by their victims and their families.
  • The crime must be faced head on if your child has to be saved.
  • The laxity of parents/guardians in care of their children works in favour of paedophiles.
  • A parent’s inability to have a well thought-out plan or failure to put such plan into action increases a child’s vulnerability to sexual abuse.
  • Your child could be the next victim. Children are sexually abused every second of every day.
  • Victims rarely disclose abuse to parents who never talk to them about body boundaries.
  • The most practical way to vaccinate a child against sexual abuse is to TALK about it. There are no shortcuts.
  • You can’t TALK about it if you do not understand it!
  • Your unwillingness/inability to understand and tackle the crime will expose your young child and adolescent to suffer the many devastating effects ranging from…
  • Severe emotional trauma which gives rise to Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Eating disorder and lack of concentration at school. This often affects the overall performance of the child.
  • Early development of sexualized behaviours.
  • A feeling of powerlessness which fertilizes the ground for re-victimization.
  • Low self-esteem which paves way for failure in future endeavours…


  • Self-destructive behaviours like alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicide in bigger children.

Would You Choose IGNORANCE & SILENCE and Expose Your Child to These Negative Effects? May Those Never Be Your Choice!

The greater part of a fight with an adversary is in identifying and attacking his stronghold. Identifying such fortress however, demands a calm and careful study of an enemy’s strength and mode of operation. Victory over the enemy of the moment,CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE,equally demands a thorough understanding of it and an identification of the stronghold of its perpetrators…Period!

Getting worried about how you can learn these much about the menace of child sexual abuse? Not to worry, help is readily available!

Guide for Parents On Preventing Child Sexual Abuse is the HELP you need to educate yourself, and protect your child. The work is an answer to the prayer of many parents/guardians on how to prevent and tackle sexual molestation of young children and adolescents. Indeed, it is a PRACTICAL guide on handling a rather testing situation.

In meeting with the demands of the time, Guide for Parents On Preventing Child Sexual Abuse thoroughly treats such vital issues as…

  • Meaning and Mode of Child Sexual Abuse
  • Signs of Child Sexual Abuse
  • Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Interaction Among Children
  • Incestuous Abuse
  • Effects on the Victim & Factors that Determine the Degree of Damage on a Victim
  • Life After Abuse
  • Practical Ways to prevention
  • Myths and Facts

Written by a survivor, the choice of language is direct and passionate, narrating real life incidents to draw home the message being conveyed.   

The book is a veritable resource to tackle the monster called child sexual abuse.

Now…this is a great chance to take action towards your child’s safety and positive development. Buy Guide for Parents On Preventing Child Sexual Abuse NOW and save yourself and your child from agony of regret.

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Wouldn’t You Rather Grab This Now?

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Okay! What’s The Cost of this unique book, Guide for Parents On Preventing Child Sexual Abuse?

Considering the uniqueness of this work and the bonuses attached to it, everyone will expect it to be sold for #5,000 minimum. But I have a goal, to save as many young people as possible from the dangers of sexual abuse; to help them develop positively and become responsible members of the society. Yes, I have been there. And I know that ONLY a small percentage of victims outlive the experience to become productive. Hence the emphasis on PREVENTION.Besides, I know how it feels now that cost of living is very high and school fees also have to be paid. But you must understand that these factors do not STOP the evil activities of pedophiles. The child, the future we look forward to, has to be saved.

For these reasons, I chose to sell the book at a ridiculous price of #1,000 + the bonuses. Yes, I am very sane. It is my contribution to the upbuilding of young people.Make hay…GO GRAB your copy. You’ve got no reason to leave your child at the mercy of molesters. With just #1,000, the deal for your child’s sexual safety will be signed and sealed…SO LONG AS YOU WILL ACT ON THE INFORMATION CONTAINED THEREIN!

Finally, My Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee

Let me put your mind at rest by making this deal risk free for you. Yes, it’s all gain for you while I put the entire risk on my shoulders. You want to check my temperature? Never mind, I am very okay. I am only driven by my love for young children and adolescents. So, let’s strike a deal. Purchase and download the book. Implement the information contained therein. And if in 90 days, your child does not become your enthusiastic partner in fighting sexual abuse, simply request for the refund of your money and you’d get it, GUARANTEED!And as a gift, you’ll be allowed to retain the book plus all the bonuses.

Guide for Parents On Preventing Child Sexual Abuse is a must-read for every adult!

Ready for action

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