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Who Is Stealing The ‘Innocence’ of Our Children?

Shall We Continue to Remain Silent Over this Heinous Crime?



  • How ready are you for the battle against child sexual abuse?
  • Are you aware that 1 out of every 3 female children and 1 out of five males get sexually exploited before the age of 18?


  • Are you mindful of the fact that children between the ages of 1 to 12 years are currently of particular interest to child molesters?


  • Did you know that about 85% of sexual abuse on children takes place in their homes, schools, and places of worship?


  • And that most perpetrators of this dishonorable act are persons that are known and trusted by the victims and their families?


  • Did you know that sexual abuse leaves a victim psychologically traumatised for several years, sometimes, all through life?


Are You Truly Concerned About the Safety and Well-Being of Your Child/Ward?

Certainly, you desire the best for your child.


  • Do ALL your attitudes and actions ensure that he/she becomes and gets this ‘best’?
  • Are the rules of safety not sometimes neglected in the upbringing of your child, leaving the child vulnerable to sexual abuse and other forms of dangers?
  • Do you find it difficult to educate your child on body boundaries?
  • Are you afraid that educating your child on sexual abuse will deprive him/her of childhood innocence?


  • You live with the illusion that sex abuse ‘is not your child’s portion’?Quit this before experience wakes you to the situation!

Severally, I have been confronted with the question, ‘How do you expect me to talk to my child about sex abuse?’ And I have always replied with the question: ‘Who among these would you choose as your child’s teacher in the “University of Life”…the media, his peers, a molester, or yourself?’ In today’s world, whether you choose to TALK or not, a child will get to hear about it someday, accurately or inaccurately, harmlessly or harmfully. So, why not TALK and get your child empowered with basic resistance skills before a predator creeps up on him or her!

Certainly, the idea of talking to a child about sexual abuse could be indisputably frightening. But it is more frightening to know that your inability to talk to your child would expose him/her to a greater danger than would the talk…and that your darling child could be next on the list of a real killer of innocence. The situation is further complicated by the fact that a child may not disclose abuse to an adult who has not previously talked to him/her about it.

Therefore, quit the delusion that your child is inaccessible to a pedophile. The time to TALK in NOW! No child is safe without the requisite knowledge for resistance. There is no doubt that the most practical way to vaccinate a child against sexual abuse is to talk about it. The challenge however, is …WHAT, HOW, and WHEN. A wrong thing said, or a right thing said in the wrong way or at the wrong time = DANGER!   While SAFETY = the correct thing, rightly said at the right time.     

‘Onyinyechi you have gotten me more confused’. Sorry about that dear, that’s not my aim. My goal is to work with you to achieve the safety of your child, and indeed, that of every other child out there.


NOTE: A child who has been inspired to resist sexual abuse will stand up to any molester, while an uninformed child remains a vulnerable prey!My many years of working with children on the subject of SEXUAL ABUSE have proven that age-appropriate information dished out at the right time, in a proper manner, and with the right terms will not scare, but empower a child.

In recognition of the inability of many parents/guardians to coin the right language for younger children, MY PRECIOUS GIFT was written as an intervention to the numerous challenges encountered by adults in their effort to sensitise young children on the subject. MY PRECIOUS GIFT, written for children between ages 2 and 12…

  • Gets a child equipped with the appropriate information, tailored to his or her age and emotional maturity to detect and resist EVERY FORM of sexual exploitation.
  • Helps a child understand his/her Body Boundaries, how to keep the ‘No Touch Zone’ neat and free from harm.
  • Motivates a child to report to a trusted adult when abuse occurs/ an attempt is made on him/her or another child.
  • Makes the dreaded task of TALKING very easy for parents
  • MY PRECIOUS GIFT is the best gift for the child you love!

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My Precious Gift
Safety Guidelines for Children on Sexual Abuse


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