Understanding Child Sexual Abuse


Child sexual abuse! The mere mention of this immoral act would sadden most persons. Every person, except the perpetrators of the act would wish for the eradication of the heinous crime. For many persons however, their distaste does not go beyond anger and condemnation.

Every adult who I speak with is desirous of preventing sexual abuse on his child/ward. The major obstacle to achieving this has been the lack of a proper understanding of the subject. Understanding child sexual abuse is the first step towards its prevention.

It is important to note that:

  • Child sexual abuse is the exploitation of a child (in any form) by an adult or a bigger child for the sexual gratification of the bigger person or someone else.

Among other things, child sexual abuse includes:

– Touching or playing with a child’s genitals for sexual gratification.

– Forcing or enticing a child to touch someone else’s genitals, or playing sexual games.

– Kissing, fondling, et cetera.

– Having sexual intercourse (oral, anal or vaginal) with a child or putting objects (like finger) into the vagina or in the anus of a child for the sexual pleasure of an adult or other unnecessary purposes.

– Exposing a child to pornography.

– Exposing an adult’s genitals to a child deliberately or masturbating before a child.

– Asking children to interact sexually with one another.

– Photographing a child in sexual poses.

– Staring at a child lustfully when he or she is undressed, either when bathing or changing clothes.

– Exposing a child to adult sexual acts either in person or through the use of technology

– Making, downloading or viewing sexual images of children on the internet.

  • Such exploitation is an impediment to a child’s spiritual, physical and psychological development.
  • Child sexual abuse is a major public health issue and a deviation from nature’s guiding principles.
  • Like every other crime, it is perpetrated in every society, every social and economic class.
  • Child sexual abuse is humanity’s common enemy.
  • Sexual abuse on young children and adolescents is rarely a single day event. It usually happens in progression. It takes some time for a perpetrator to lure and groom a prospective victim.
  • Many sex offences on young people are preventable. The crime could be nipped in the bud at the grooming period by a well-informed adult; one who is aware and is able to detect the initial signs.
  • The level of a child’s vulnerability to the antics of an abuser is determined by how much he or she has been equipped with the appropriate knowledge. An uninformed child is more likely to fall prey to a molester’s ploy than one who has been sensitized against the crime.
  • The crime can be nipped in the bud at the early stage of the grooming period by a well-informed adult; one who is aware and is able to detect the initial signs.
  • Most child molesters are persons that are known and trusted by the victims and their families. They usually take advantage of the child’s trust and respect for them to exploit the child.
  • Molestation is a havoc-wreaking experience which leaves victims with long lasting negative effects.

The topicality of the subject requires that every parent and caregiver be concerned about the safety of children. Prevention begins with early intervention, by using age-appropriate measures to teach children about sexual abuse and how to respond if threatened. Being primarily responsible for the safety and well-being of children, parents ought to gain an accurate and better understanding of child sexual abuse. This will empower them to boost resistance in children.

Take the first major step to protecting your child. ..Learn and understand more about Child Sexual Abuse.



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